Installation Specifications

General Specs

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1. Concrete Specifications

  • The floor on which the lift is to be installed must be 4-inch minimum thickness concrete
  • Must have minimum comprehessive strength of 3,000 PSI
  • Must be installed on solid level concrete with no more than 3-degrees of slope

 Concrete Specs


2. Power Requirements

  • The MaxJax comes standard with a 110 Volt power unit. 
  • You will need a 20 AMP breaker to operate the Max Jax power unit. 

3. Floorplan

Determine the location of where the lift will be installed based on the vehicles servicing. The dimensions shown below are rough guidelines.

Recommended bay dimensions - 20' deep x 14' wide.

Site Layout


 4. Ceiling Height Requirement

The ceiling requirement depends on the type of vehicle that is on the lift. 

The overall height of the lift is 89".

The max lift height from the top of the rubber lift pad is 45".

The area above the lift should be clear of overhead obstructions. If your clearance is limited, keep close watch while the lift is rising.

Failure to do so could result in damage to the vehicle and or ceiling.

Ceiling Requirements     MaxJax-Specs

Height Comparison

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