Learn About the MaxJax

The MaxJax™ was designed for the DIY'ers, enthusiasts, and shop owners that want the ability of a full size two post, but also want the convenience of a portable lift. Think of it as the pleasant medium between the two. People tired of using sketchy jack stands and working on the ground, will appreciate the MaxJax™'s ability for quick setup and clearance. Shop owners that need more room to work on their customer's vehicles will appreciate the MaxJax™'s ability to conveniently store away when finished. It's the best of all worlds, the jack of all trades -- Introducing the Ultimate Garage Lift.

Think about an automobile and light truck garage lift that fits in any residential or commercial garage with ceilings less than eight feet.

Imagine having a car lift that you can use when you need it, then conveniently store out of the way when not in use keeping your garage and vehicle lanes clutter-free.

What if there was a vehicle lift with fully adjustable lift arms that could easily reach factory lift points providing a safe and effective way of lifting vehicles.

A patented lifting system that provides wheels-free convenience for quick brake and tire service and clear undercarriage access of all types of vehicles.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a space-saving garage lift with a lifting height that provides ample clearance under the vehicle for comfortable service of almost any passenger car and light truck?

How about a garage lift that would allow you to work on cars and motorcycles.

Car Lifts MaxJax

How does it work?

The portable two post MaxJax™ lifting system by Dannmar is very simple to install and use. The MaxJax™ garage lift can be installed by just one person in less than 30 minutes. This car lift's portable design allows convenient placement and movability that you can't find with any other auto lift on the market.

Step 1: Insert Recessed Drop-in Anchors

MaxJax™ concrete anchors are internally threaded to provide flush-mount installation. These specially designed recessed anchors are installed in your concrete floor and remain there permanently. The holding power of each anchor bolt exceeds 14,500-pounds when properly installed.

Step 2: Move Columns Over Drop-in Anchors

Roll the columns into position over the recessed anchors. Make sure bolt holes line up with the recessed anchors in the concrete.

Step 3: Secure to Floor

Secure each column to the floor using the five 5/8" x 2" high-yield hex bolts.

Step 4: Position Mobile Cart

Position the mobile power-unit cart at the front or rear of the vehicle.

Step 5: Attach Hydraulic Couplers

Attach the quick connect/disconnect hydraulic couplers to the back of each column. Our quick connect/disconnect hydraulic couplers provide a fast and dependable fluid connection without leakage.

Step 6: Install Adjustable Lift Arms

Install the adjustable lift arms to the MaxJax™ columns and install the quick drop-in pivot pins.

Step 7: Start Using the Lift

You're now ready to use your MaxJax lift!

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